Mother Care and Pregnancy Diet Plan: QAMC-LC

Pakistan is a developing country, there are a lot of issues going all around this country that require attention. One of those issues is “Mother-Care and Pregnancy Diet plan”. Most of the population of this country is illiterate and that goes for females especially those of child bearing age. In some areas educating women is still considered immoral which leads to the fact that they know nothing about the proper diet they should take during pregnancy for the healthy growth of their baby.

Riaz Baig (LORE QAMC-LC) conducted an awareness seminar in Nagar, Gilgit on “Mother Care and Pregnancy Diet Plan”. Lady health workers and local female students of child bearing age attended the seminar. Special lectures were given by Dr. Azmat Riaz (Gynaecologist) and Dr. Sakina (Gynaecologist) to the participants.


The activity was undertaken on the fact that women there have zero knowledge about the pregnancy diet plan. If some new born there had some birth defect they considered it a “Curse” from God because of their deeds.

The local population there believes more in Lady health officers rather than the doctor; therefore, special lectures were delivered to them so that they could help more in the matter.

The activity comprised of following events:

  • Pamphlets were distributed to women there which contained description of all the necessary elements required by the body during pregnancy for the healthy growth of child.
  • A Panel was also created for helping LHV’s so they could contact the workers at any time regarding the problem.
  • A Questionnaire was also circulated among the women attending the seminar asking how beneficial the session was and if they promise to spread the knowledge they received among those who weren’t there.

The youth of today is tomorrow of our society that’s why attendance of young college girls was made sure to deliver the essential message the project was aimed to.

The effectiveness of project was assessed through positive response from the participants to questionnaire distributed afterwards.

Activity Reported by: Abdul Mateen

Editor and Assistant Director, PubSD, IFMSA Pakistan


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