Call for Article Submission to the MSI 39

  1. Background: Call for article submissions to the MSI 39.

  2. Important Information

    1. Sections: There will be 8 sections (Theme, RCA and 6 Standing Committee Sections)

    2. Theme of GA: “Gender in Health Care”

    3. Word Limit: 1500 words for Theme and 750 words for SC sections

    4. Checklist: your submission needs to conform to the checklist contained in this email

    5. Rules of submission: to send to with the proper coding and name of article.

  3. Submission Agreement: read and ensure that your submissions conform to it.

  4. Deadline: 30th December 2018, 23:59 GMT


Dear members and IFMSA-Pakistan family,

We hope that you are doing fine. With this post we would like to open the call for Article submissions to the Medical Students International Edition 39 (MSI 39). Please find the information below:

  1. Background: MSI is IFMSA’s biannual magazine, which focuses on global health perspective brought by medical students worldwide. It is published both in print and online, in relations to March and August General Assemblies, and each edition has a specific theme. Previous issues are available here.

  2. Content: the call will be open for all sections of the magazine, namely:

    1. March Meeting 2019 Theme: “Gender in Health Care” (max. 1500 words)

    2. Rex Crossley Awards Articles (to be selected by VPA in a separate call)

    3. Six Standing Committee sections (max 750 words)

      1. Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME)

      2. Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE)

      3. Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH)

      4. Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health incl. HIV/AIDS (SCORA)

      5. Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE)

      6. Standing Committee on Human Rights & Peace (SCORP)

  3. Checklist: When submitting an article, please make sure to review the following checklist:

    1. Format: Your article in Word or Google docs format. Please do not send in articles in PDF format

    2. Image Quality: Images should be of high resolution (at least 300 dpi), in JPEG or PNG formats. Please do not insert images into the article files, but attach them separately to your email

    3. Data: Author’s full name and NMO. [max. 5 authors]

    4. Photo: Author’s head shot in high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and in JPEG or PNG formats

    5. References (if applicable): should respect the Vancouver style

  4. Deadline: 30th December 2018, 23.59 GMT

  5. To Remember:

    1. Destination: send to

    2. Subject Line: Add [MSI39] and [section name] depending on the section you would like it to be published under, followed by your full article name. You do not need to write anything else other than those things. Full list of section names:

      1. [Theme]

      2. [SCOME]

      3. [SCOPE]

      4. [SCOPH]

      5. [SCORA]

      6. [SCORE]

      7. [SCORP]

  6. Submissions Agreement:

    1. Submission does not guarantee that the articles and attached material will be accepted or published;

    2. Your submission will be screened to ensure that it meets minimum inclusion criteria. If it does, it may be reviewed by editors revising content to enhance its relevance, consistency, usability or to conform with IFMSA Publications standards;

    3. If your submission has more than one author, names of all co-authors will be featured in the magazine. However, only the headshots of the first two authors will be featured in the magazine due to space and layout limitations. Please take that into consideration and list authors in the order you’d like them to be featured in. A maximum of 5 authors is accepted;

    4. Write your references in Vancouver Style;

    5. IFMSA will not be held liable for any breach of copyright laws and the sender will be held responsible. When you submit any text or pictures, we will assume that you are the author and sole owner of the submitted material. We will also assume that you are giving MSI and IFMSA permission to use them for the purpose of publication and representation toward external partners.


      By sending your submission, you may willingly providing your personal information (Name, NMO, email, photography) to IFMSA. This information is only there to allow us to carry out the selection process and to publish the article in our outlets, and will not be used for any other purposes. The personal data provided will be stored until 30th October 2020, or anonymised in case of further storage. If you want us to remove your personal data before, you can request that by sending an email to or The personal data will be accessible by the IFMSA Team of Officials and IFMSA-Pakistan and will be shared publicly through their magazine. The selected articles will be announced and featured in the related documents and emails. Not providing this information means your submission cannot be considered. If you would like to know more about how we manage your data, please visit

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions, and please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any question.

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