“VANI” (Voice) Magazine from Medical Students Association of INDIA Calls for Articles Internationally this year!

Greetings from Medical Students Association of India!

MSAI-India, the nation’s first and largest medical students organisation caters to a country of 1.2 billion people. Every year, we publish our official magazine, MSAI Vani. “Vani”, a Sanskrit term, literally translates to “voice”; and to justify its name, the magazine has helped medical students from across the nation voice their opinions and thoughts to the community.

This year, we encourage our peers from across the globe to come and participate in this noble initiative. Submissions can be in the form of articles, photographs or artwork. The links for submissions are given below. Submissions must be in accordance with any of our themes, as follows:

  1. Medicine Around the World (Special International Segment)
  2. ​Caution! Minds At Work
  3. A Change of Palate
  4. Tales of Crumbling Concrete

About the Special International Theme
As curious minds, we’d like to know how medicine is–in the past, present, and future–in your country! Do tell us about what it expresses, what it is unique for, what it lacks, and what it is proud of! As the world comes closer to become a global village, join us in this initiative to bring the best of healthcare for one and all!

To know more about the themes, read: https://goo.gl/AJKQhn

Submissions should be sent to publications.ifmsapakistan@gmail.com by 18th February 2018


Contact Us:


European Sting: Call for Articles- Due Date: 5th July 2017

Dear IFMSA Pakistan Members and Medical Students worldwide,

The European Sting is a political newspaper that aims to bring unbiased and trustworthy information to their readers not only about European Affairs, but about almost any political, economical and social topic. Furthermore, the Sting welcomes its readers to take part in this constructive and critical dialogue! As per the IFMSA’s partnership with the Sting, any medical student worldwide is able to voice their ideas, concerns, opinions and dreams in a global online magazine. During this call, we will be accepting articles on the following topic:

Climate change and health – can medical students be the solution?

If you are interested in the topic above and you would like to share your ideas with us and the world, please send a full article to Publications.ifmsapakistan@gmail.com no later than by the 5th of July.

The incoming articles need to adhere to the following specifications:

a)    Clearly defined brief title
b)    Up to 500 words article body text
c)    Profile picture of the writer
d)    100 words brief resume of the writer
e)    email address of the writer

Please send us your article as an attachment to your letter, and not as the actual letter. Also bear in mind that articles must be in a format that allows for them to be edited using a word processor. Hand-written and/or scanned articles will not be accepted.